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The Greatest American Hero 1981

1981 ABC (US)
3.85 /5 Rating
The Greatest American Hero 1981

A special-ed teacher, an FBI agent, and a UFO? That's right, you've guessed it -- The Greatest American Hero. This show was first aired in 1981, and was both a comedy and a drama. A special "power suit" that only works on him is given to the teacher by the aliens, and he is paired up with the gumshoe FBI agent who keeps them both busy with his scenarios. The suit of "unearthly powers" gives the power of strength, flight, invisibilty, flames, telekenesis, vision of events without being there, protection from bullets and fire (if he remembers to cover his head!), and some others that he must figure out as well because; HE LOST THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT CAME WITH THE SUIT!

TV Shows Info

  • Title: The Greatest American Hero 1981
  • IMDB: tt0081871
  • TVDB: 77267
  • Seasons: 1

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