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The Family (2013) 2013

2013 bTV
3.85 /5 Rating
The Family (2013) 2013

The drama series "The Family" tells the story of Stefan Markov - a journalist who has been through a terrible lost in his past - his beloved girlfriend has been missing for 4 years. Since then his live is a mess - he drinks, gambles, has no permanently job... Unexpectedly one of the most powerful businessmen in the country - Boris Arnaudov, hires him to be his biographer in order to clear his public image. Stefan enters the world of The Arnaudovi Family. The world of the big money and glamour which looks seemingly normal and balanced but hides dark secrets. Stefan finds out that The Family is somehow connected with the disappearing of his girlfriend Iva. And the investigation begins... The most iconic actors of the Bulgarian cinema and the most beloved stars of the bTV series are part of the cast of "The Family". In the leading roles are Stefan Danailov, Assen Blatechki, Yana Marinova, Vanya Tsvetkova, Tsvetana Maneva, Desi Bakardjieva, Ivo Arakov, Daniel Vladimirov, Antonii Argirov ...

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