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The Dude Perfect Show 2016

2016 Nickelodeon
4.25 /5 Rating
The Dude Perfect Show 2016

Dude Perfect has pushed the limits of what is possible on the Internet. What began as a backyard bet, has evolved into the #1 sports channel on YouTube, captivating millions of fans from around the globe. In this show, you'll meet the five guys behind the viral magic: Tyler, the bearded guy; Cody; the tall one; Garrett; the purple hoser; and Coby and Cory, the twins. Operating from their Dude Perfect headquarters in Frisco, Texas, Dude Perfect has the job every kid dreams of. Whether it’s working with celebrity guest stars like Luke Bryan, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Aaron Rodgers, or prepping for their next battle video, Giant Basketball Arcade, Lawnmower Race or Epic Snow Battle, these guys have made a career out of having fun.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: The Dude Perfect Show 2016
  • IMDB: tt5512420
  • TVDB: 309022
  • Seasons: 2

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