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Temptation Island (BE/NL) 2002

2002 RTL 5
3.55 /5 Rating
Temptation Island (BE/NL) 2002

In 'Temptation Island' four couples do the ultimate relationship test in twelve days, they are separated from each other, to spend time with 11 single men and single women, who try to seduce them on a tropical island. There are dates in the most exclusive places and at the campfire the partners get to see videos of each other. Is their relationship strong enough? Can they resist the temptation or are they too weak and what will be the consequences?

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Temptation Island (BE/NL) 2002
  • IMDB: tt0313135
  • TVDB: 85335
  • Seasons: 1

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