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Surviving Suburbia 2009

2009 ABC (US)
2.15 /5 Rating
Surviving Suburbia 2009

Surviving Suburbia follows a seemingly normal couple, Keith and Anne Stever, in their life in the suburbs, complete with two children and a cooke cutter house. When new neighbors move in next door, Keith becomes distracted by their drop-dead gorgeous daughter; Henry Stever becomes enamored with the teenaged girl down the street, who just became pregnant for the second time; and Courtney Stever ives her life as the princess she believes she is. Life at the Stever's proves that it's never "just another day in suburbia."

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Surviving Suburbia 2009
  • IMDB: tt1280629
  • TVDB: 87731
  • Seasons: 1

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