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Inspector George Gently 2008

2008 BBC One
4.25 /5 Rating
Inspector George Gently 2008

A British crime drama adapted from the George Gently novels by Alan Hunt and set in the 1960s.Inspector George Gently is an old-school detective trying to come to terms with a time when the lines between the police and criminals have become blurred. After the murder of his wife the solemn Inspector arrives in Northumberland in pursuit of the gang boss who killed her and decides to stay. He is joined by the young and not always entirely helpful Detective Sargent John Bacchus. Together the mild mannered older detective and his cheerful younger sidekick plough through cases of murder and deceit, rape and corruption in 60s Britain.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Inspector George Gently 2008
  • IMDB: tt1430509
  • TVDB: 80226
  • Seasons: 1

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