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Houdini’s Last Secrets 2019

2019 Science Channel
3.75 /5 Rating
Houdini’s Last Secrets 2019

The legendary life of Harry Houdini remains as much of a mystery as his death. Modern magicians marvel at his death-defying performances. His breathtaking escapes and astonishing illusions have never been equaled - or fully understood. Now, in this active investigation, magicians and scientists will try to unlock the secrets and mysteries he took with him to the grave.

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  • Title: Houdini’s Last Secrets 2019
  • IMDB: tt9324726
  • TVDB: 357054
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 : The Torture Escape

No one knows how Harry Houdini pulled off his death-defying escapes, but now, a team of experts investigate his water torture illusion to reveal the secrets of this mysterious feat. What they uncover suggests Houdini might have led a double life as a spy.



Episode 2 : To Catch a Bullet

The bullet catch is one of the deadliest tricks in magic history and no one knows if Houdini pulled off the illusion, but now, a team of experts re-create the famed trick to uncover how Houdini could have pulled off the feat that killed many of his peers.


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Episode 3 : Siberian Prison Conspiracy

One of Houdini's greatest escapes might have been a deep-cover conspiracy to spy for the American government, and experts recreate his break from a Siberian prison transport to investigate the mysteries behind this incredible feat.


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Episode 4 : Buried Alive

Houdini's mysterious sudden death might not have been an accident, and experts recreate his buried alive escape to reveal how this deadly feat was performed and if the great magician was killed by forces far more insidious.


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