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Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe 2006

4.4 /5 Rating
Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe 2006

Screenwipe is a television programme about television programmes; the cost, the surprising amount of work and bureaucracy involved, how programmes are selected for broadcast, and, usually scathing, analysis of specific programmes and genres. Brooker often pays particular attention to more obscure channels on satellite, freeview and cable, such as those dedicated to gambling, shopping, horoscopes, and pornography.He explores the probable effects of television in society, and how often programmes can create in the viewer feelings of inadequacy, depression, fear, and anxiety. To balance things, usually one segment of each show is dedicated to positive reviews, with analysis on why the style and content is so absorbing.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe 2006
  • IMDB: tt0780206
  • TVDB: 79818
  • Seasons: 3

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